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Welcome to Chilternway

About Us

Moving to the Chilterns was an uplifting change from our previous 

town and city lifestyles.  


With more time at home and beautiful green space around us, it became our aim to try

and enhance an active, healthier way of living.


We soon welcomed our first Weimaraner 'Cashew' into the family to enjoy roaming

 the beautiful countryside with.  A different breed from dogs we had grown up with

but one we now wouldn't change.  

Chilternway Dual Purpose Dogs; Chilternway Natural Health; located in Buckinghamshire

With this came an introduction to a

different side of dog training as we

were encouraged to learn more about 

working with a Gundog and we loved it.


We then went on to welcome our Hungarian Vizsla 'Tango' followed by our gift from Cashew - her puppy 'Breeze' and now a gift from Breeze - her puppy 'Keela'


We feel privileged to not only own but also

to be able to occasionally breed from

our 'Dual Purpose Dogs'.

With our ever growing interest in using natural products to support healthy living, we have found

some particular natural extracts to have been of continual benefit to both us and our dogs.

After much research into products formulated with these, we became an Independent Business Owner to allow us to share information and sell quality natural products through our Natural Health pages:

Forever Living - Aloe Vera & Bee Products - the power and versatility of natural extracts

Turmeric Life - Golden Paste - the benefits of Turmeric (curcumin)

Rain - Seed Nutrition - the power of seeds


Dual Purpose Dogs

Registered Breeder

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Canine Health & Diet

Canine Products

KC Registered Breeder - Chilternway Dual Purpose Dogs - Weimeraner & Hungarian Vizsla


Natural Health

Independent Business Owner

Visit our introduction page
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Forever Living

Aloe Vera & Bee Products

Rain - Seed Nutrition


Turmeric Life - Golden Paste

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