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Seed Nutrition

Our products are made by nature and crafted by science.  Each ingredient is hand picked for its proven benefits and ability to work synergistically with your body.

science of the seeds - rain international seed nutrition

Our scientists push the boundaries of health forward by creating seed-based supplements that work with your body. Their goal is to design a perfect system that gives your body everything it needs to perform at its highest level.  

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Seeds have all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and essential fatty acids that our body needs to keep us healthy. The seed is the most energy field of the plant, full of DNA & RNA.

Seeds are reported to have 20-30 times more active ingredients and nutrient density than any other part of any plant or fruit.  Seed nutrition supports: anti-ageing factors at cellular levels; immunity; hydration; brain function; repair of DNA; joint health and  increase in absorption of nutrients.

Why seeds - rain international seed nutrition



The treasue chest of nutrition

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bend, soul, core - rain international seed nutrition

The nutrition inside each pouch is condensed, pure and easily digestible.  We cold press all compounds, vitamins and minerals, to preserve the nutrients and give it to your body denser than you've ever experienced.

SOUL Transparent.png
Core np.jpg
bend np.jpeg
Soul Red transparent.jpg.png
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A powerful range of bio-available nutrition

SOUL   -  Antioxidant; anti-inflammatory; omega-rich nutrition

CORE   -  Super-greens in a pouch - supports immunity, brain, liver and blood

BEND  -  All-natural nutrition proven by science to support joint health

SOUL RED  -  Enhanced benefits of Soul with added ingredients such as keytones

Pure - Natural - Cold Pressed - Condensed - Non GMO - Bio-available - Vegan

No chemical preservatives - No artificial flavours - No artificial sweeteners


PURE   -  Natural prebiotic and probiotic combined - supporting gut health

FORM  -  Complete nutrition.  Seed based protein shake with no whey!  

BRYT -  Genius nutrition.  Essential for your brain to perform at its peak

To find out more:  Watch the short product videos below;

Click on ingredient image to view nutritional benefits and supplement fact sheets.

If you are interested in becoming a Rain Partner yourself then please contact us and we shall happily share the benefits so you can decide whether it is right for you.

Contact  Kerry  to enquire about Trial Pack offers.

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Soul pure wellness - rain international seed nutrition

pure wellness

SOUL (flagship product)  

2 oz of pure power and energy. 

Contains a dense, antioxidant profile. 

soul np.jpeg

Supports: nourishment of cell membrane; healthy skin and hair; immune system; natural sustained energy; greater mental clarity; combat of free radicals; joint and heart health plus hormone balance.  Scientists found a 33% reduction in inflammation at cellular level when taking 1 pouch of Rain Soul.

Soul Ingredients - Rain seed nutrition at Chilternway Natural Health

Rain - Soul

Soul video - rain internatonal seed nutrition
Soul fruit np.png
Core nutrition redefined - rain international seed nutrition

nutrition redefined


1 oz pouch of liquid goodness 

Helps clear cells from inflammation and cell exposure 

Core np.jpg

Supports: immune system; absorption of vitamins C & E;

healthy liver functions and maintenance of blood glucose levels.

Nourishes and cleanses the digestive tract which supports brain and nervous system.  Reported to increase immunity at a cellular level by 61%

Core Ingredients - Rain seed nutrition at Chilternway Natural Health

Rain - Core

Core video - ran international seed nutrition


Support - Build - Repeat

Powerful antioxidant profile

Natural joint nutrition proven by science

bend np.jpeg

Supports: healthy joints and formation of cartilage plus contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, decreased inflammation, healthy gene signalling and quicker recovery.  Lubricates joints and helps reduce oxidation to help your cells be younger for longer.  

Bend Ingredients - Rain seed nutrition at Chilternway Natural Health
Bend Ingredients - rain international seed nutrition

Rain - Bend

Bend video - rain international seed nutrition
bend np.jpg
Bend flexibility rediscovered, rain international seed nutrition




All the benefits of Soul but enhanced!

Nutrition at its perfect peak. 

Pure health, powerful results


Rain - Soul Red

Soul Red video - rain internation seed nutrition
Soul-Red Ingredients - Rain International Seed Nutrition
Soul Red - rain international seed nutrition

weightloss-heart health-cognition

Soul Red 5.png

Original soul enhanced with red raspberry & black cumin oil plus keytones and energy.  Supports: reduction of recovery time with a nutrition-profile built to build; suppression of appetite in a natural way to enhance metabolism; enhanced cardiovascular function; increased stimulation of anti-oxidant, anti-ageing properties.  

Pure - rain international seed nutrition

Seed based probiotic and prebiotic with beneficial seeds mixed to perfection for your intestinal and digestive health. Supports: digestion; gut health and increases overall well-being.  The secret to happiness starts in your stomach and your stomach’s happiness starts with Pure in handy 3g sticks.

PURE (fruit-punch or peach mango flavour)

Naturally-sourced bacteria, antioxidant

power, anti-inflammatory, fiber and a robust, fatty acid profile

PURE (Rain).png
Pure ingredients - rain internatinal seed nutrition

Rain - Pure

Pure video - rain internation seed nutrition
PURE peach mango & fruit punch

digestive health

Rain Form seed protein redefined

protein redefined



(vanilla or chocolate flavour)

Great tasting, seed based protein,

easy to digest.  Everything your body

needs to recover, perform and build

FORM vanilla & chocolate - Rain International Seed Nutrition

Highly bioavailable with a high concentration of branch-chained amino acids (BCAA's).  Supports: natural energy; muscle growth; protein production; triglyceride and blood glucose levels.  Hypoallergenic; Gluten free; Dairy free, 

No Whey!

Form Ingredients - Rain International Seed Nutrition

Rain - Form

Form video - rain internation seed nutrition
FORM video image - Rain International Seed Nutrition
BRYT intro.jpg


Nootropic supplement - packed full of the natural nutrition your brain needs. It truly is brain food.


Formulated to provide your brain with nutrients needed to function at its peak.  Contains condensed profiles of the types of nutrition your brain thrives on: antioxidants, omegas and healthy fats, vitamins, and proanthocyanidins.  All-natural ingredients work synergistically to support cognitive function to aid in reduction of brain fog, increased memory, higher neurological activity, creativity and improved focus

Bryt ingredients - Rain International Seed Nutrition

Rain - Bryt

Bryt video - rain internation seed nutrition
bryt with ingredients.png
why rain - rain international seed nutrition

Rain International is changing the world with seed nutrition, by creating a new category in health supplements


I do so love having a 'choice' in life and Rain International provides a unique source of products, containing all my favourite natural ingredients, in a form that is so simple to use that it can be easy to add nutritional value to any daily regime.

I already knew the power curcumin and black seed oil have as an anti-inflammatory but now I've been shown the awesome power in black cumin seeds too.

Seed-based nutrition has created something new within the health world and it is something that is only going to get bigger with time.

Because every ingredient of RAIN's products come from seeds of nature, your body can digest and utilise it faster and more effectively. 

Because they take nutrition straight from the source, you know it's clean.  Never processed - Never altered - Always real. 

Cold pressed - Non-GMO - Bio-available - Vegan and Natural.

Just as seeds have the immense power to create habitats and support all kinds of life, they also have the specific power to enhance, uplift, empowering our own bodies at cellular level. 

Focus on seeds.webp
rain the original seed company - seed nutrition

The original seed company


black cumin seed

 Fight inflammation 


 Black Cumin Seeds 

Black cumin seed - is an immuno-modulator, increasing immune system if needed or reducing if over-reacting.  Can be consumed or used topically to treat skin & hair conditions plus also beneficial for pain relief.  Contains15 amino acids, including 8 of 9 essential - histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan.  It also contains beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, quercetin, luteolin, arginine, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9 (folate) plus calcium, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, zinc and phosphorous minerals.  Over 100 chemical compounds: crystalline nigellone, thymoquinone, beta-sitosterol, myristic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid.  The powerful chemicals contained (reported to fight cancer) are thymoquinone, dithymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, thymol and beta-sistosterol.

Discover the nutritional benefits of the ingredients!

Seed Nutrition The Facts


Rain International are continuing to develop innovating seed-based products - definitely worth watching out for!

Rain products are for human consumption and are currently not suitable for use with animals.

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