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I started using pure Aloe vera many years ago to treat a skin condition whilst out in the Canary Islands and was so amazed with the results I bought several bottles of it home with me.  When I ran out I tried to find a supplier in the UK but none of the products I tried here were any where near as good and so I made another trip out to buy more.  

Whilst out on my return trip to the Islands I tried an Aloe vera muscle gel to help with my back pain.  Again, I found this to have amazing results and I was starting to see how powerful the natural extract of Aloe vera was.

Pure Natural Aloe Vera by Forever Living at Chilternway Natural Health
100% pure natural aloe vera inner leaf gel by Forever Living at Cilternway Natural Health

When I looked into why this Aloe worked better for me I discovered this contained a high percentage of 'pure gel' - the plant's inner leaf gel, nothing else.  The downside of using this pure gel was not only having to ship it in from abroad but it then needed to be kept in the fridge to prevent it going off.

After continued searching for an easier source, I was introduced to The Aloe Vera Company 'Forever' - result, they use 100% pure inner leaf gel and the products actually work like I've seen before.  As well as being available to purchase locally, Forever use a unique natural stabilising process so their Aloe products, with the exception of the drinking gels, need no refrigeration.

  Forever Living Products are a testament to

"nature's capacity to help us look and fee our best".

Forever are so confident with the quality of their products that the company offers a complete sixty day money-back guarantee

if customers are not entirely satisfied.

Bee Pollen - Chilternway Natural Health - Forever Living
Bee Pollen

Whilst I knew of the potential benefits of bee extracts from using Royal Jelly as a teenager, being introduced to the Forever Living Products and their natural bee products has provided a continual journey of discovery into just how versatile both Aloe vera and bee products, including bee pollen and bee propolis, can truly be.  

Bee Propolis - Chilternway Natural Health - Foreve Living
Bee Propolis
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Product Catalogue

A great product range to help restore a sense of wellbeing

* Drinks & Gels - drink in the benefits of delicious, nutritious aloe  

* Bee Products - nutrition straight from the hive

* Nutritional Supplements - good health starts with powerful natural nutrition

* Personal Care - experience the benefits of aloe from head to toe

* Skin Care - rejuvenate your skin with products to suit all skin types  

* Weight Management - look better, feel better, be the best version of you

* Essential Oils - natures purest ingredients, harvested for you

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Our Favourites

If unsure of which products would be of benefit to you, then browse through the product brochure or our linked product pages . 

If local to us, you can try products before you buy,

just ask us for a Free Product Experience Pack.

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 Order direct through our Forever Shop or, if you live local to us, we can order for you with free delivery  

The Aloe Vera Company - 'Forever'

Since being launched in 1978, The Aloe Vera Company 'Forever' have become the largest grower, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Aloe vera. 

With their growing range of quality products, we decided to take up the Forever opportunity to become an Independent Forever Business Owner and we have not only continued to be impressed with the products but have also been impressed by the Company's standards and ethics too.  Plus it is comforting that their products are quality tested but not tested on animals.

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 Forever cultivates Aloe on their privately owned

plantations.  The patented stabilisation process ensures the Aloe vera gel extract remains essentially identical to the inner leaf gel.  Not being dependent on any other supplier means Forever can closely monitor the quality

of their products "from plant to product to you".  

 Starting with a 100% pure natural inner leaf gel, Forever only delicately add just enough other contributing ingredients to be able to produce an outstanding range of natural products which are suitable for both human and animal use. 

We have personally found Forever's Aloe vera and bee products to be beneficial for cuts, sores, minor burns, skin allergies, insect stings and bites, deep muscle/tissue repair plus improving digestion, natural energy, enhancing immune system and general health and wellbeing.  Being natural products and safe for our dogs wellbeing too is an another added bonus.  It is simply great being able to use the same products for the whole family.

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Our Forever Shop - Forever Living Products at Chilternway Natural Health
Forever Living Products
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'Our Forever Shop'
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Our Favourites
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Forever Living
Product Brochure
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Sports & Weight Management
Product Brochure
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Aloe Vera 
The Medicine Plant
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Aloe Life Magazine 
Issue 12
The Forever Business Opportunity
The Forever 
Business Opportunity
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(Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire)

Aloe vera and bee products have been used for centuries as a form of complimentary medicine.

These natural extracts can support good health and well-being by contributing essential natural nutrients to help balance the body system and support the maintenance of normal body functions such as digestion, immunity, cognitive health, mobility, blood flow, nerve conduction, skin care plus so much more...

The added power is their versatility - in that they can be combined with other complimentary natural ingredients to create a great range of products and used in many ways, applied topically or ingested, plus can be made suitable for both human and animal use.


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