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ACME 641 Dog Whistle - recommended by Chilternway Dual Purpose Dogs

Product Code - 641
High Pitch, Single Note, Combination with Triller
Designed for long eared dogs and distance work

Recommended Products
for your Dogs
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ACME 641 Dog Whistle - recommended by Chilternway Dual Purpose Dogs
ACME Pro Trialler 212.jpg

Product Code - Pro Trialler - 212
Medium Pitch - all rounder
Good for harder to train dogs and heavy cover

ACME 641 Dog Whistle - recommended by Chilternway Dual Purpose Dogs
ACME 211.5.jpg

Product Code -  211.5
Medium High Pitch, Single Note
Preferred by Labrador & Retriever Trainers

Sporn mesh no pull harness.png

Lightweight puppy-to-adult

no pull harness

Neoprene Dog Collars.jpg

Neoprene Collar
with slip + separate tag loop

Halti Training Lead.jpg
Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear
ruffwear switchbak muti-purpose lead

Multi-function lead

rocket logo.png
biothane-standard-long-line-clip on handle.jpeg

'BioThane' slip lead and standard long line
with clip on clip off Grab Handle

Dogmatic Head Collar

Dogmatic Head Collar

snuffle mat.png

Snuffle Mat


Puppy (soft fill)

Training Fur Dummy.png

No fur

to Fur


Various Training Dummies

Kong Wobbler.jpg

Kong Wobbler Feeder

tug-e-nuff logo.png
tug-e-nuff toys
chuck-it ball.png
chuck-it rugby.jpg
chuck-it fetch stick.jpg

Chuck-it!  Breathe Right

mud daddy 5 ltr.jpg

Mud Daddy 5 ltr
Portable Dog Wash

Puppy Dumb bell toy.jpg
soft dumb bell toy.webp


Dumb Bell toys



Chuckit floating dummy.jpg

Floating Dummy

Clix training dumbell.jpg

Lightweight / Floating

Training Dummy

Danish Design 2 in 1 Ultimate Dog Coat - recommended by Chilternway Dual Purpose Dogs

Danish Design 2 in 1

Waterproof Dog Coat

Ruffwear Climate Changers.png
ruffwear logo.jpg

Ruffwear Climate Changer

Zipped Dog Fleece

Ruff & Tumble.png

Ruff and Tumble

Drying Coats

Hi Viz Weim.jpg
Reflective Viz.png

Stay Visible even  

in warm weather

PAWZ dog boots

PAWZS slip-on

Waterproof Dog Boot

4pc anti-slip dog boots.jpg

Flexible Waterproof

Dog Boots

Ainsworths Homeopathy.jpg

Homeopathic Prevention

'Combination Dog'

Hard Pad & Distemper, Parvo Virus, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, & Kennel Cough

Riaflex Green Lipped Mussel.jpg


Green Lipped Mussel

Riaflex canine-joint-plus_.jpg

Joint Plus HA



Tummy Tastic

Woof & Brew.png
Woof & Brew Doggy Breath.jpg
Vince the Vet Intestinal Cleanse.png
Vince the Vet Bladder Support
Vince the Vet Thunder & Fireworks

Vince the Vet

Natural Remedies

flyer cover - great for animals weim.png

Available for purchase through us


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Turmeric Golden Paste


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