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Dual Purpose Dogs

Our Puppies

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To give our dogs the best chance in life, we concentrate foremost on health and temperament whilst keeping within the breed standards.  Our aim is for our puppies to become foremost family pets plus show the ability to show and work as a HPR Gundog.

Our commitment to our puppies is for life and we try to protect our puppies future with diligent selection of suitable new homes.  

Our puppies are Kennel Club Registered, wormed, vet checked and microchipped as standard but please be aware our working litters are docked and dewclaws removed by our veterinary practice, under the Animal Welfare Act for 'working dogs'.

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Our puppies are reared in the heart of our home and we do our very best, in the short time we have to care for them, to familiarise them with as much of a typical home life as we possibly can.


Our other dogs are allowed to be around our puppies and our puppies are introduced to being handled by friends and family of various ages.  Unfortunately, we do not have any cats or other animals to readily familiarise them with.


All our puppies receive the love, care and attention as if they were to remain our own and we ask for a signed contract/declaration to help protect their future care.

Our puppy packs include:

Kennel Club Registration with a Five Generation Pedigree Certificate;  Free Pet Insurance (for one month, underwritten by the Kennel Club);  

Petlog Microchip Registration (with application for free transfer of ownership);  Animal Welfare Act 'Working Dog' Certification (for docked litters only); 



a  Chilternway puppy, care & feed booklet; four weeks food supply (food which the puppy will have been weaned onto); free food/treat samples (from various suppliers of our choice);  a toy and blanket, which will have mum's scent on, to help make your puppy's first few days in their new home as positive an experience as possible.

Sired by Skilaki Move On Up to Bifonda - 'Eddie'
Sired by Ch Enryb Singles Party JW - 'Frank'
Sired by Sh Ch Kalimor 'Cody' at Parmelly JW Sh CM
Sired by Dreistone 'Rebeau' D'Abrezzo with Bifonda


Dual Purpose Dogs

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(Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire)

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All our puppies are Kennel Club registered with endorsements:

'R' - Progeny Not Eligible for Registration and

'X' - Not Eligible for Issue of Export Pedigree

and this shall only be lifted with our full consent on required request.

Our puppies are sometimes docked and registered under the Animal Welfare Act as 'working dogs'.


Owners of our working puppies are required to sign a disclosure indicating their intent to participate in respective gundog training with the intention to work their dogs or participate in related gundog activities. 

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