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Welcome to Chilternway Dual Purpose Dogs

Not long after moving to the Chiltern countryside we purchased our first dual-purpose dog and we have since continued to enjoy owning two breeds within the HPR (Hunt, Point & Retrieve) category of gundogs: The Weimaraner and The Hungarian Vizsla.

For us, both breeds have been such loving companions and our dogs always remain first and foremost our family pets.  The world of gundog training became a passion for us but we have also enjoyed search & rescue training in the past.  We participate in canine agility training plus we do occasionally try our hand in the show ring too.  Competing is not really within our comfort zone but we do love to continually improve in all of our activities.

We still always make time to enjoy long countryside/woodland walks with our dogs and we love venturing out to places new - enjoying simply splashing about in lakes and rivers plus we try to go on beach walks as often as we can.

By ensuring to fulfil our dogs requirements we have found they in turn fulfil ours.

We feel privileged to have the opportunity to occasionally breed from our girls, since becoming Kennel Club registered in 2012, but we prefer to have only one girl breeding at any one time and only tend to have one or two litters from each of girls.  We are always happy to share our experiences with others, whether they be good or bad and we endeavour to find the correct answers to any questions we are asked regarding owning a dual-purpose dog. 

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A dual-purpose dog  should show natural enthusiasm and great performance to 'work', being able to participate in HPR (Hunt, Point & Retrieve) gundog activities with encouraged steadiness and skill.


Good health  and keeping within breed standards, to demonstrate good composition and free flowing movement, make these breeds great performers in the show ring too.

A well-balanced dog  usually shows self-willing engagement alongside being able to be sociable and relaxed within their own space as well as whilst out and about with others.  

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  If you are considering owning a Dual Purpose Gundog then please do carefully study the breed   you are selecting.   There is quite a difference in characters within the HPR breeds but ultimately they are all energetic and intelligent, with an underlying instinct to naturally hunt.


The Weimaraner and Hungarian Vizsla are not normally considered appropriate for a novice dog owner or for a home where owners do not have the time to attend to the breed's recommended needs.  However, if this breed of gundog is right for you and you are prepared to put in the time for training, then the reward can be to have a truly devoted and loyal companion by your side.   


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