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Dual Purpose Dogs

Attonitus Nakato
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'Red' joined us in November 2024, at 8 years of age, after having been surrendered to the Hungarian Vizsla Charity Rescue.  We had wanted another Vizsla for a while and with us sadly finding ourselves with a spare dog bed, after losing our girl 'Breeze' (Keela's mum) to illness, it just fell into a timely place with Red becoming available.

Red was also lovingly welcomed by 'Keela' and I think they have helped each other to fill some gaps of their individual loss/change of circumstance.

Hungarian Vizsla - Russet Gold
Miss A Briggs


This little girl has such a loving character.  Whilst she has issues with being gun-shy plus not always being comfortable travelling in the car, she 'gets-over' these minor hiccups within minutes after removal and she is such a fun little soul,  Hesitant but not shy in trying to do the things we ask, Red has amazed us with her ability to adapt and it is lovely to see her tail wagging so much, as we love the bouncy, playful, almost barmy side of the Vizsla and we feel privileged to be able to have another 'ginger-nija' join our home. 


I had wondered if I was imagining Keela to be looking sad after Breeze past over rainbow bridge, but seeing her come alive, wanting to play again with Red now around, I am now sure she had been longing for another companion and I think Red likes having a dog friend as well as human company.

6 Generation Pedigree
(COI = unknown)
Miss A Briggs


Dual Purpose Dogs

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(Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire)

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