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Dual Purpose Dogs

Chilternway Mystic Breeze
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Weimaraner - Silver Grey
Miss K M Lord & Mr T N Broomfield

3 Jun 2016 -
5 puppies
23 Mar 2019 - 6 puppies
19 July 2023

Being able to watch Breeze come into the world and join our family was a real privilege.  Being one of our beloved Cashew's pups was a true gift.  As we watched the litter grow with their characters each day this little girl just caught our attention.  She seemed bold, yet calm, happy to play with the others but also able to chose to take time out to chill - she was ideal and the day I found her asleep laying on Cashew's head, it was to be a done deal that she would be staying.

Rainbow Bridge

Breeze joined our family with bounding new energy and this little girl who is always ready to do something has kept us on our toes - our little 'every-ready battery of life'.  


After having had an easier time at training with our Hungarian Vizsla 'Tango' we were now right back into the realms of training a true Weimaraner who just loves to tug the heart strings one minute then push the boundaries the next.


I tried to follow a new path with Breeze - into the showing scene but after a year of trying I was still useless at it and she was bored with me faffing around so we headed back out into the field training world where we were both much more comfortable.  Unfortunately, our big plans to become much more involved in Gundog training were hampered by illness in the family and we were limited on time to train, something regrettably unavoidable.


Breeze just loves to work her brain and the way her attention suddenly switches 'on' when asked is simply amazing but time waits for nobody and our little 'ever-ready' soon grew up.  We so quickly arrived at her time in life when, to be able to have her own litter of puppies, it needed to be sooner rather than later and, after her meeting with her boyfriend Kalimor 'Cody' at Parmelly, soon after became mum to five puppies in June 2016.  Like her mother Cashew, Breeze was a great mum to her puppies so two years later we introduced her to 'Frank' - Enryb Singles Party and in March 2019 we were over the moon to watch her bring up a second litter of six puppies - one of which, little girl 'Keela', remained with us.  Breeze and puppy Keela very quickly held a close bond and Breeze remains super tolerant of Keela's life stages in growing up.  I think this bond is strengthened with seeing Cashew starting to slow down with age and the loss of Breeze's soul mate Tango quite soon after Keela joined us. 

We continued to progress with our Gundog training and enjoyed watching Breeze doing what she loved most.  She remained our loving pet and was always happy to be part of whatever we were doing, wherever we were.



Rainbow Bridge.png

On 19th Jul 2023, we very sadly had to say our goodbyes to our beautiful girl Breeze - at 11 years, 4 months old.  What was initially thought to be a back injury actually, on in depth investigation, turned out to be fluid on the brain, which was right over her central nervous system and affecting the function of her limbs.  It was literally just a couple of weeks from her being fully mobile to one day waking up with total loss of her hind legs and the sadness in her eyes told us she had had enough.  Whilst it breaks our hearts losing them, we are forever grateful that we can humanly prevent out beloved pets from any unnecessary suffering and, just like her mother Cashew, Breeze has kindly left behind a legacy of beautiful Weimaraner puppies, including our girl Keela, plus a heartful of memories for us to cherish forever.

Breeze's Pedigree
6 Generation Pedigree 
(COI = 8.4% for 10 generation period)
Miss K M Lord & Mr T N Broomfield
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Dual Purpose Dogs

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