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Dual Purpose Dogs

Dark Walnut at Chilternway
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Weimaraner - Silver Grey
Mrs S Brown - Norfolk

24 March 2012 -
4 puppies
7 August 2021

Cashew was our introduction into the Weimaraner Breed. From the day first seen (still in the caring hands of the breeder) we were hooked and whilst I manically tried to catch another one of the pups, this little girl strolled over and fell asleep on Tim's foot and he simply looked down at her and said to me "this is the one for us" and what a fabulous choice he made.

Happy 15th Birthday
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Cashew became my soul mate as we went through our training together, yes I was being trained too - on how to handle a Weimaraner... (quite different to the breeds of dogs I had grown up with).  We flew through our training classes and were soon out training with much older dogs and it became very apparent that we would need to venture into something different to keep this little lady from getting bored.


I really wasn't interested in showing and did not know much about Gundog training at the time so we immersed ourselves in doing search & rescue - she loved it and so did I but it did take a while for me to trust that her tracking nose wasn't just taking me on a wild goose chase each time. Whilst I would have benefited from practising in the showring with her we became too busy with field and working trial training as well as agility and flyball.  I do now wish I had taken more time to do advanced Gundog training with her too as she would have loved it.


The years flew by and, on falling in love with Rebeau at Dreistone Weimaraners, Cashew was soon to be a mum.  What a great mum she turned out to be.  She only had four puppies but all were really fit and healthy and I was amazed how she simply got on with looking after them which was a massive help for us...


Cashew has been a dog we could take anywhere.  We have enjoyed participating in many events with her as well as simply being able to take her to a local pub where she remained content to laze by a fire and people watch.  We have been on camping trips, stayed at B&B's, taken her to friends homes and it has been great knowing she was simply happy to get in the car and be comfortable with doing everything with us.  Cashew has attempted and usually achieved all that we have asked of her, apart from stop barking at the postman... and she has been a huge part of our family. 

On 7th August 2021, (just a day after we welcomed 11 of her Great Grand Pups into the world), Cashew's health declined - her eyes said that she was tired with being old and that it was time for her to slip away from our world as we knew it.

After 15 years and 2 months of her amazing company she will without any doubt be sadly missed by us all.  Cashew was our foundation bitch and she has allowed us the delightful joy of enjoying her puppy Breeze and Grand-puppy Keela.


We can only be grateful that she enjoyed such a healthy long life and was still able to go out on small walks even up until the end.  She remained involved in everything and, on her last evening, she still wandered down into the whelping pen to check to see how Keela was doing with her own newly arrived litter, before closing her eyes for the last time.  She leaves behind a legacy of beautiful Weimaraners and a heartful of memories for us to cherish.

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6 Generation Pedigree
(COI = 9.7% for 10 generation period)
Breeder:  Mrs S Brown
Owner:  K M Lord & T N Broomfield
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Cashew's Pedigree


Dual Purpose Dogs

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