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Dual Purpose Dogs

Chilternway Bukeela
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Puppy Keela joined us with an abundance of bounding energy. We feel so blessed to have our third generation Weimaraner as part of our family and with an abundance of character too...


Confidently forward and exceptionally loving.  Keela seems to be enjoying a mixture of activities including field gundog and fun agility.  She has been the most patient with our occasional try of hand at showing too.  Always happy to be busy but when settled Keela really does simply love a cuddle...

Weimaraner - Silver Grey
Miss K M Lord & Mr T N Broomfield

6 August 2021 -
11 puppies

With Cashew being 12 yrs, Tango 11 yrs and Breeze 6 yrs of age, we overjoyed to welcome our little girl 'Keela' into our home - one of Breeze's six puppies, who showed a balanced proportion of both formation and character from such an early age.  Keela formed an early bond with Tim, which was important as he had previously felt the other Weims had leaned more towards me - so it's great we now we have a true little Daddy's girl.

From the time the other puppies left for their new homes, Keela wanted to become Tango's best mate and Tango obliged even around such an energetic puppy.  It was lovely to see them wonder round the garden, paddle in the pool together and when Keela wasn't sure about something, Tango was there to show her the way.  We sadly lost Tango to illness when Keela was just five months old so found ourselves back to having just three dogs but the memory of seeing Keela snuggle up to Tango on the days she was poorly will always remain cherished.  Keela has shown a continued abundance of love, she is frequently snuggled up close to someone. 

Training and events were somewhat restricted during the Coronavirus lock-down which unfortunately came about just as Keela reached 1 year of age and was ready to really stretch her abilities but we endeavoured to continue and she simply loves being out in the field practicing for her Gundog HPR tests.  Keela has also seemed tolerant of my nervousness in the show ring and, whilst we do not do many shows she has been consistently awarded first or second place in her classes.

Time never stands still and we quickly came round to such time when we decided to find Keela a suitable boyfriend...  'Eddie' (Skilaki Move on Up to Bifonda) and went on to welcome our fourth generation of Weimarner puppies into our home in August 2021 - all eleven of them!  And what a super mum she was to them all.  We didn't keep one of the puppies from this litter for ourselves, as we wanted to be able to continue with Keela's gundog training before bringing in another puppy and, in particular, help Keela grow confidence in her swimming.  But we hope to be able to have a second litter in the Spring of 2023 and be able to keep a little girl pup for us to enjoy then.  


It was with deep sadness that Great Grandma Cashew left us the day after Keela's puppies were born (at the ripe old age of 15 yrs) but seeing her wander down and peer into the whelping pen, checking on Keela and her new-born pups before she closed her eyes for the last time, shall be another of those cherished memories we shall keep forever.  Two years later we sadly also lost Keela's mum 'Breeze' (at just over 11 years old) and have found ourselves in an unfamiliar place of having just one dog in the house.  Keela has never known life without another dog but she seems to be coping well.  We have kept busy with training, improving water retrieves and there always seems to be more we can learn together until we can again enjoy more paws joining our family again.

Keela's Pedigree
6 Generation Pedigree
(COI = 6.26% for 10 generation period)
Miss K M Lord & Mr T N Broomfield
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Dual Purpose Dogs

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