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Dual Purpose Dogs

Russetbeacon Parti Szel
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Hungarian Vizsla - Russet Gold
Mrs L Walker - East Sussex



Tango was our introduction into the Hungarian Vizsla world. We had frequently seen this breed around the show grounds and, after doing a little bit of research, decided a Vizsla would be ideal to join our family and hopefully great company for our Weimaraner 'Cashew' too, so it wasn't long before we were visiting breeders with litters.


Tango opened yet another new chapter in our lessons of owning a dog.  We were initially quite concerned with the intensity of growl that came from our little bundle of fur but Cashew took Tango in without question, like she was one of her own, and seemed to enjoy having her around so we were of the opinion that surely we too could work through any problems that Tango might have.


It was quite sad to see our little pup soon nicknamed 'billy no mates' as quite clearly she was struggling with socialising at her puppy classes and it was a big struggle for us to understand why we would often find this loving little dog just sat staring into a flower pot in her own little world...  When it became obvious she was suffering with nervous aggression, we took her to several canine behaviourists to try and find out just what was going on in her head and why?  But eventually we simply had to come to an agreed opinion that, whatever trauma she had been through to make her the way she was, it was unlikely going to change.   


Being much easier to train than the Weimaraner and so much more eager to please without question, did help us to try and make her life as less stressful as possible.  Cashew remained her soul mate plus Tango soon became comfortable around our friend's Weimaraners too.  We were introduced to The Yellow Dog Project - 'DINOS' (Dogs In Need Of Space) and purchased her a bight yellow sleeve for her lead reading 'I Need Space' which helped with stopping other owners from letting their dogs run up to her uncontrollably and we were able to go on to enjoy Field Training, Search & Rescue and Agility activities with her.


Even with her problem moments, Tango remained such a loving companion in our home and full of so much cheeky character.  She loved her gundog training and I am sure she would have worked all day out in the field if allowed. 


We were initially nervous when our Weimaraner puppy 'Breeze' joined our family but, honestly, it was probably one of the best things we could have done as Tango then had two soul mates to play and cuddle with and, like Cashew, Breeze had absolutely no issues with her grumpy behaviour whatsoever.  Whilst we didn't feel Tango was balanced enough to breed from, it was wonderful to watch her always wanting to be a helpful part to our Weimaraner litters.  By the time puppy Keela joined us, Tango had slowed down massively and whilst she no longer wanted to be involved in rough play, it was amazing to watch her still willing to step in to show Keela how to do certain tasks, giving Keela stacks of confidence in her ability to achieve the outcome wanted.  And when Tango fell poorly, she enjoyed Keela's cuddles alongside ours.  

At the end of August 2019 we sadly had to say our goodbyes to our ginger ninja, Tango, due to her becoming ill from a form of liver failure. 


After 11 years and 11 months of her loving company she will definitely always be sadly missed.


We can only be grateful that she very much enjoyed life with us and her Weimaraner family right up to the end and spent her last day still managing to take herself for a dip in the paddling pool followed by enjoying lazing in the summer sunshine alongside life companions Cashew, Breeze and new playmate puppy Keela.

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6 Generation Pedigree 
Breeder: Mrs L Walker
Owner:  K M Lord & T N Broomfield
Tango's Pedigree


Dual Purpose Dogs

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(Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire)

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